NHL Newcomers Asked By Army To Strip Trademark

The Vegas Golden Knights are at present extraordinary compared to other teams in the NHL and have endured not very many losses on the ice this season, however that isn’t preventing the Army from endeavoring to give them an immense loss in the courtroom.

The Department of the Army has formally filed an opposition to the Golden Knights name with the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

Thundering of this opposition has been continuing for a long while.

The Army trusts that the group’s logo and the name is a direct reflection of its U.S. Armed force Parachute group.

The Army likewise created a few quotes demonstrating that Golden Knights proprietor Bill Foley, a West Point graduate, patented numerous parts of the group after the Army and their units.

These quotes won’t be the integral factor in whether the Golden Knights lose their trademark and are compelled to change their name, however it strengthens the Army’s case. The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars experienced a similar process in the 90s.

In spite of the notice of opposition, the Golden Knights don’t appear to be excessively worried about losing their trademark.

Las Vegas fans have completely grasped the group and merchandise exhibiting the group’s name and logo floods the city. An adjustment in marking will constrain many fans to discard their clothing for the refreshed gear, which could be a considerable measure to ask of a creating fan base.

The Golden Knights have until Feb. 19 to respond to the notice of opposition.

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