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In the last 20 years I have spent millions of dollars on books, audio books, live courses, online courses, webinars, conference calls, masterminds, mentorships, seminars, conventions, airfare, travel, missed flights, botched meetings, failed business ideas, and yes, some successful business ideas.

I give this all to you now FOR FREE.

Why am I doing this? Because for every 10 of you who start to read one of my blog posts or start watching a video, only 2 will actually finish reading it or watching it, and even fewer of you will take action. I’m doing this for that 1-2% of you who might be inspired the same way someone else inspired me, and more importantly, I’m doing this for my kids, so that when I’m tired and old, they can look back at what a badass I was and witness how I gave every once of me to chasing a dream. When I die, I want to bow before God and say, “I used and exhausted EVERY talent you gave me God. I’m done.”

Enjoy. – Paul


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