Top 5 Wardrobe Tips For Real Estate Agents

Top 5 Wardrobe Tips for Real Estate Agents

I’m going to give you my top five tips on your wardrobe and business attire for real estate agents. Now I got my license at the age of 18 and at that time I only had two suits. I had a black polyester suit and I had a suit that I wore for my high school graduation, it was taupe colored and I got it from seeing our clothers with my father. It was the CNR store over on Brand Boulevard in Glendale. So I rotated those two suits and you know I didn’t know any better, so I would even launder them myself in the washer and dryer, and then I would iron them and anytime I had a business meeting I would wear them. So I do have some experience and some first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to start especially at a very young age and not really have the right wardrobe or with the perceived right wardrobe for this profession.

Tip #1:

Dress for your audience. So if your market is in an area where everybody is wearing suits and business attire, then you want to make sure that you emulate that and that you are also wearing business suits and ties and dressing for the part. Now, on the other hand, if your market is in Middle America and you’re dealing in a more rural area and people there are wearing jeans and perhaps flannels or just white dress shirts, then you’re gonna want to do the same exact same thing. You’re not gonna be wearing a three-piece business suit in Middle America because you know you may come off stuffy or arrogant or or who knows. The bottom line is you want to dress for the audience and dress for your market that you’re going after, and likewise if your marketing properties in the desert community where the temperatures could exceed a hundred degrees, okay, you’re not gonna be wearing a three-piece suit, right? Chances are they’re gonna be wearing khakis and golf shirts maybe maybe some long-sleeve shirts, but same thing you’re gonna want to make sure that you you show up dressing like the community and dressing like the audience that you’re going after, okay? If you’re on a coastal area, okay? Or if you’re in one of the islands, okay? And you’re selling real estate over on the Island of Hawaii and they’re all wearing floral patterned shirts, maybe even on the coast of Florida as well, then you know you would probably want to wear the exact same thing.

Tip #2:

The more youthful your appearance, the more professional you want to dress. Now mind you, I got my real estate license at the age of eighteen. I looked young. Add to the fact that I didn’t have a track record of success. I didn’t have any sales experience that I could personally reference, okay? These days all that stuff’s verifiable on the web, so if you have a youthful appearance or if you just look young or you are young and you don’t have that track record that someone can reference on the Internet. In other words, your reputation doesn’t precede you they don’t know about your sales history and they can’t verify it anywhere, then you most definitely want to dress more professional. Don’t let your youthful appearance, don’t let your young age, work against you. The younger you look, the more youthful you appear, the more professional you want to dress.

I know that I talked about dressing for the audience that you’re going after. So, if you do have a youthful appearance or you are younger and you don’t have that track record of success that you can that you can reference or that can be verified by your potential client, okay? Then what you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to dress more professional and you’re gonna want to up it just a little bit. Up the ante just a little bit. So going back to what I said earlier you want to dress for your market, right? It’s not that difficult to make something look more professional so let’s use all the examples that I’ve already used. If you’re in a business district where everybody is wearing you know three-piece suits, wear the three-piece suits, fine. If you’re in Middle America where it’s more rural properties and people are wearing jeans and dress shirts, all you have to do to make it a little bit more professional is to just throw on a sports coat, throw on a blazer, right? Same thing for the the coastal properties, same thing in the islands, you know a blazer can definitely make everything look a a bit more professional. It’s not that difficult, but again for that youthful appearance or the fact that you’re younger, make sure that you dress a little bit more professional.

Tip #3:

Dress as if you have a meeting every day. Now listen I realize that you’re not gonna have an appointment every day, you’re not gonna have a client to meet every day, you’re not gonna have a meeting every day. But if you go dress prepared, if you go dressed as if you have that meeting, and you’re in the attire that again (catering to your audience) and you’re ready for that meeting what that does is it puts you in a position to win, not only mentally, but you’re ready, right? And again I’m a big believer that if you go in there with that mindset dressed as if you have a meeting, then you know what the meetings will come, okay? Now I know some people don’t want to hear the whole law of attraction mumbo-jumbo, but again there’s a theory that says if you go to sleep with your gym clothes on you’re more likely to wake up to go to the gym. You have a 70% chance of doing that more often, okay? So, my suggestion is come to the office, or even if you’re not working at the office, even if you’re staying at home, put on the attire the business attire that you’re gonna be wearing for the audience that you’re going after whether or not you have a meeting.

Tip #4:

When in doubt, be conservative. Now look I know that we live in a day and age where more and more people have tattoos more and more people have piercings and this is starting to become much more commonplace. I get that and I appreciate that, I also know that your attire is an extension, it’s an expression of who you are and I think that’s great, but I’m going to also suggest that when you dress you tend to err on the more conservative side okay it’s a safer place to be, and that way you don’t ever have to worry about any clients and judging you based on what you look like or what you’re wearing.

Tip #5:

When you don’t have a big budget, rent your clothes. Now, online there are a wide variety of providers now. Where you can actually rent an outfit, put it on, wear it, return it and the following week they’ll get you a new one. They’re subscription-based services, even Amazon has them now. I’ll tell you that that’s a great way to be able, without breaking the bank, have a new wardrobe that you’re slowly circulating into your attire. So if you don’t want to break the bank and you don’t have the budget to go out there buy a brand new wardrobe. I highly suggest you use these rental services that provide you the opportunity to rent your wardrobe for the audience that you’re going after.