Halloween 2018

This was our Halloween Season 2018 Video.

Our family of 7 is changing. Our eldest daughter Ariel is turning 21 and our eldest son Sebastian is 19. Both are slowly leaving the nest, and its bittersweet. 2 years ago everything was for a party of 7. Dinners. Movies. Airfare. Theme park tickets. You name it. It was always for 7 people. My wife and I have worked hard to insulate, protect, and indoctrinate our kids with the family first and families are forever belief, so I know that as they become adults and raise families of their own, that they will practice the same principles, and always come home to Mommy & Daddy, but it's a little heart wrenching saying, "Party of 6" or "Party of 5."

What does this have to do with Halloween and why I am being such a downer?

Sebastian is nowhere to be seen in this family video. On the day we went to celebrate Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland he was at his college classes. Same deal on Halloween. While I loved making this video, and seeing how much fun my children had, it did hurt not seeing him in it.

To make matters better, this was also the first year that Paul Jr., and Bryannah each independently went trick or treating in our neighborhoods with their own friends, without Mommy & Daddy! Talk about a lot going on emotionally! Fortunately, our rules were that we would eventually have to see them, even for a little bit, to get photos of them.

Overall, Halloween was a success. Bring on Thanksgiving & Christmas!