How To Earn 7 Figures In Real Estate

When you're confident 🤩 about your value proposition 💵 you operate differently.

There are leaders that will not invite guest speakers 🗣 or lecturers in their same field fearing that members of their organization will defect 💨 and follow a different faith ✝, office 🏢, practice 👔, or school 👩🏼‍🎓.

I couldn’t disagree more with this antiquated and flawed thinking 🤢.

I want the best content 💣, the best information 🔥, and the best leaders 💥to coach, teach, and inspire my organization. These people are not my competitors. They are my role models & peers 💯.

Danny is one of them. So I invited him to speak to our team.

Danny Morel brings over 15 years to the real estate business 🏠 as a coach ⛹🏼‍♂, mentor, investor and broker. Danny’s interest in the real estate industry began with the simple dream of buying his mother a house.

As an agent Danny successfully sold 150 homes in a year 👊🏻 while only working 4.5 days a week. Taking what he learned, Danny envisioned himself helping other agents, so they too could get the most from their hard work.

Take the the disciplines 🙏🏻 taught in this video to catapult your business 💼 from five figures into six figures and then to seven figures.

- Paul