How To Fill out the California Residential Purchase Agrement (RPA)

👆🏼One of my first listings in my career was a 13 unit apartment 🏢 complex. I was 19 years old.

We eventually got an offer 🤑 and we put it in escrow. I wasn’t as sharp ✂ about reviewing or writing up purchase agreements 📃 as I am now. 🧀 30 days later it closes escrow.

😭 90 days later I get a call from the selling agent informing me that my seller and I are going to be sued 🤯.

The purchase agreement stipulated that all appliances 🍳 📺 were included in the sale. My client signed it and accepted it under my advice 😎.

Here's the kicker👞 : All the appliances belonged to the tenants-not my seller. They weren’t his to sell, let alone include in the sale.

💔 All of this could have been avoided had I known how to read and write a RPA (residential purchase agreement) or RIPA (residential income purchase agreement).

In this video 🎦 we cover exactly how to draft up a purchase agreement. Knowing how to write one up makes you a stronger 💪🏼negotiator and teaches you what to watch out for when you are the listing agent. Taught by 30 year industry veteran & Broker Robert Silva 🤩.