How To Find Out Who Your Target Market Is

For years I felt like a dancing 🐒 monkey beside an organ grinder 👨🏻🎹.

I'd step into a meeting 💼 saying everything I thought the prospective home seller 🏠 or homebuyer 🏡 wanted to hear 🗣.

This was and is a 😤 horrible strategy, and we are all guilty of it in some point of our careers.

Knowing 🤔 and understanding your prospective clients is the overarching rule of exceptional 👊🏻 sales professionals. If you haven't heard the phrase "🚨Know your audience 🚨." then allow this video to engrain it into your psyche.

Six and seven figure 💰 real estate agents know with exactness the wants, wishes 💫 and buying 🛒 behaviors of their clients.

They have analyzed the size 📊 of the market or the number of 📈 potential customers that fit the target 🎯 profile.

🔥 Furthermore, these top producers know their customers’ names, ages, genders, incomes, home and Internet addresses, professions, education, associations, and marital status, number of children, hobbies, their tastes and interests. 🔥

Yes. There is a lot of data 😴 presented in this video, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you don’t need to know these statistics.