How To Generate Real Estate Leads Using Facebook Ads

It's easier to ride 🏄 a trend than it is to create one ⚡?

When 💻 Google Pay-Per-Click Ads came out you could buy key words for pennies 😲 compared to today. Did you know that in 2013 🦁 Amazon was Google's largest ad buyer?

There are trends that 🚲 cycle and if you are smart 💡, you're able to catch these trends at the right moment and capitalize on them.

From 2007-2012 I rode the 🤷‍♂️ REO Foreclosure Trend in Real Estate and sold hundreds of homes 🏠 EVERY YEAR during that span. It was opportunity income.

❗❗ I cringe when I see Real Estate Brokers tell their agents to "MAKE THEIR CALLS" while they themselves are running billboard ads, buying leads, using pay per click, and running Facebook Ads... ❗❗

Cold Calling 😨 isn't dead 💀, but it cannot be the only thing 💯 you do to lead generate 💸!

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😄 I built a 20+ year career making cold calls 📞 and learned very quickly in my career how to make six figures on the phone, but here's what I learned:

If I didn't make my calls. I wasn't getting clients ⏰. That meant I was only making money when I was on the phone. That's not a business. That's a job. I only made money when I worked 💩. I needed to find a way to scale this model. I needed something to work while I wasn't working.

So I hired so called SEO 🔎 (Search Engine Optimization) experts who charged me thousands per month and told me I'd show up on the 1st page of Google. It didn't happen.

👎 After firing two different firms who didn't show me ANY results, I decided to learn SEO on my own. I would work as a Real Estate Broker during the day and study SEO at night from 11 pm - 1 AM in the morning while my wife and kids slept 💤.

These days I rank either #1 1⃣ or at minimum on the First Page of Google for several cities and in several categories including Divorce Real Estate & Professional Athlete Relocation. Once I figured out how to do this for myself, I did it for my Real Estate School 🏫 and for my wife who happens to be a Personal Trainer 💪 and Fitness Model Competitor. Now they both rank on the First Page of Google.

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Then I decided that I was going to learn how to use FB Ads and Instagram Ads to get clients IN ADDITION to what I had learned in SEO.

☯ Using this combination of old school and new school techniques allowed me to build two of my companies from the ground up to massive success!

Any way you slice the 🍰 pie-you're going to have to use the phone 📞. Get over it. But you've got to have other tools 🔨 in your tool belt that provide passive lead generation while you practice your active lead generation too.

These days the trends are SEO, Video 🎬, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Bots, and soon Voice Search. How are you preparing for these trends? Are you implementing these strategies into your Real Estate Business? If not WHY??!!

So I put all those systems and processes down and turned them into an easy training that will teach you to do the Same. Dang. Thing.

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I've never before share this information with anyone other than the real estate agents that work for our firm...

But, for a VERY limited amount of time, I'm giving it away completely FREE.

😲 Why??? (great question)

Well, I have a suspicion that the marketplace is about to make a dramatic shift and this is simply part of a weird test that will tell me if I'm spot on or completely wrong. 🤔

It doesn't matter to me one way or another if I'm right or wrong, I just want to know what to expect and the only way to find out is to.......TEST!

So, here you go!

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