How To Use Instagram to Generate Leads

Takeaways from the “How to Use Instagram to Generate Leads” training at REH Real Estate.

1️⃣ If all the eyeballs are on Instagram-go there, but don't be a slave to the platform. If all the eyeballs go somewhere else-go there too. Will you have to adapt and consistently be learning? Yup. Adapt or go extinct.

2️⃣ You've got to build an audience in order for your message to be heard. This means you'll have to have an interesting profile and content that provides value.

3️⃣ The most valuable content you have is your journey. Document it in video and photo. Make yourself the star.

4️⃣ The internet is the modern day TV and the barriers of entry are far less expensive than it was to advertise on TV-yet most people aren't taking advantage of it because of how they look or feel in front of the camera. Get over it.

5️⃣ Use apps like Socialdrift to automate your audience building. Use apps like Later to automate your posting. Use apps like Square Fit and PhotoGrid to create square sized video with text. Use Repost app to repost content that has already gone viral.

6️⃣ There are 3 formats on IG: 1) the square feed, 2) the story swipe left, right, up feed, and 3) the IGTV feed. Each feed different and has different time limits. Learn them all and use them to your advantage.

7️⃣ You can currently advertise on the square feed and on the stories section. Few people are using the story video ads right now. Capitalize on this.