Top 5 Social Media Sites You Need to Have Profiles On To Rank Your Website Higher

If you are a Business Owner or Entrepreneur, there is a 97% chances that you’ve been using Social Media the wrong way.

Yup. I said it.

You’ve been using Social Media the wrong way.

Most of us think that Social Media is all about sharing videos, photos, motivational quotes, memes, and even recently, fake poll questions hoping for fake interaction because we’ve been told that’s what the algorithm wants to see or no one is going to see our posts.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Yes. The puspose of Social Media is in fact to be social, but if all you do is give your content away for free without redirecting the user back to your own personal website, all you are doing is giving more content away to the FB’s & IG’s of the world, and that content is worth Billions!

In addition to this, it’s not only FB & IG that you need to have profiles on. There are others that are just as important, namely Google My Business Profiles, and even Apple Map profiles, that many people are overlooking.

I am going to share with you the TOP 5 Social Media Sites YOU MUST have profiles on in order to get your site to rank, and ultimately, there are nearly 100 others that you should have profiles on as well.