Who is the Best Realtor in Glendale, CA?


Let’s be real. If I wrote a blog post about Who the Best Realtor in Glendale, Ca is, I’d be biased and you know I’d rank myself as the best (which I did), so instead of me writing about how proficient and wonderful I am-I thought I’d write an entry about who I would use as my Glendale Realtor if I wasn’t an agent in the profession.

None of these agents on my list know I am writing this, and I am not being compensated to endorse any of them. In addition, my recommendations are based on more than just sales figures. They are also based on my personal interaction with them during inquiries and/or actual transactions.

What are the qualities that make up the Best Realtor in Glendale, CA?

They are professional and they protect their brand.

Our industry is plagued with a ton of agents with very little sales volume backed by egos that don’t fit the front door. You’ll notice that the best of the best are very humble with good bedside manners. They aren’t flashy and can assume the authoritative position when necessary.

These days with social media it’s very easy to go off the handle with a post or a gripe that may feel appropriate at the moment, but can cause great damage to your credibility later. The Top 10 Agents are well aware of this and you’ll notice their posts generally avoid anything that they’d be embarrassed by.

The Best Realtors are always professional-no matter the circumstances. Even if we’re having a bad day personally, or if a child is sick-we know how to flip the switch when clients call up. It’s part of the business. We treat every call as if it’s a client, a potential client, a colleague, or a colleague getting information about one of our listings. It’s just as important that we are professional and courteous to our agent peers-especially when they are working to help us sell a home to one of their buyers.

They listen more than they talk.

You can always spot a Tru Professional versus an amateur. The amateur tends to talk over the client and to over-sell themselves and their services.The pros have a silent confidence about what they do and/or what they are about to undertake. More importantly, they study the scenario. Every situation is different and without fully understanding the dynamics, there’s no way to properly offer solutions.

It has been said that we have two ears and one mouth and that we should use it in that proportion.

They give immediate solutions and feedback on the results.

The Best Realtor in Glendale will give you immediate solutions and results. Once they understand the circumstances, they will provide you possible solutions (this may include repairs, upgrades, re-organization of furniture, or an as-is strategy) and the suggested pricing strategy. Not only that, they will highlight their professionalism by giving you feedback given by other buyers or buyers agents who have shown the property. Feedback is priceless as it helps gauge whether what we are doing is working or not.

In fact some real estate agents will go out of their way in making sure that you get the home at any cost. They are that good at their job.

They have a supporting cast.

The agents on my list below have learned that you can’t be anything and everything to all people. It takes a team to get everything done efficiently. As a client, you will always deal directly with the your agent as your main point of contact, but they are typically supported by a transaction coordinator, marketing coordinator, web & content support system, and if necessary vendors & contractors.

They are full service.

Because the Best Realtor in Glendale, CA is supported by a team of vetted professionals, they are considered full service. In other words, if you need an interior designer-they’ll handle it. Maid cleaning service? Just say when.  Looking for documents from your transaction with them from 3 years ago? No problem, they’ve got it scanned somewhere and they’ll email it to you. Property Management? They’ll either manage it or refer to someone who can. Moving truck? No problem. The point is, if it has anything to do with the sale and relocation of your family, they can handle it. These expenses are paid for directly by the client, but can also be negotiated in the listing agreement as well.

These are but a few of the many qualities demonstrated by the Best Realtors in Glendale. Without further adieu, here is my personal list. Don’t act surprised by who’s number one on the list.


No. 1 - Paul Argueta


No. 2- Artin Sarkissian


No. 3 - Kendyll Young


No. 4 - Todd Bazik


No. 5 - Thomas Atamian


No. 6 - Tara Fidanian


No. 7 - Beatrice Harendza


No. 8 - Nick Khachian


No. 9 - Amy Dginguerian


No. 10 - Arbi Baghoomian